Thursday, February 27, 2014

Calming the Savage Beast - Some Thoughts on Anxious Thoughts

Calming the Savage Beast
      Do you ever feel guilty for complaining or worrying about something? Today I’m anxious about a couple of things. I’m trying to patiently wait to hear about 2 different job interviews.  In the grand scheme of things, employment can be a big ticket item. After all, it is necessary for most people to be employed in order to provide for themselves and their families.  So I feel at least a little justified for the worry. 

      But then I hear about other people’s troubles: young mothers facing serious health problems, families mourning the loss of dear ones, heads of households staring layoffs and unemployment in the face. Suddenly, my problems seem so much smaller. While I want to change jobs, and I even feel called by God to change jobs, I am currently employed.  I don’t lack for anything, my family is healthy for the most part. Now I feel anxious about feeling anxious and the fun really starts. 

     Lately, when I feel anxious and nothing else seems to calm my spirit, I grab my guitar and sing. Music has always calmed the savage beast that rages inside me in these anxious moments. But some places are harder to sing my heart out in than others. I’m not sure my cube-mates at work would appreciate it. Or maybe it would make for a less stressed workplace all around. At work, I put my headphones on, queue up a Youtube video of one of my favorite songs and try to keep myself from singing along. Not the same as singing myself, but as they say “it’ll do in a pinch.”

     Here's one of my favorites: Heather Berry singing "God on the Mountain" (click on the title to follow the link)

     How do you calm the savage beast of anxious thoughts?  Bible verses? Exercise? It never hurts to have a trunk full of options when facing anxious thoughts, without the proper preparation even the the strongest person can be overcome.

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  1. Anxiety is something I am all too familiar with. Depending upon where I am and what's going on when it hits, I use a variety of weapons against it. Prayer is the number one thing - telling God about my worries and (trying) to leave it with Him, knowing that He knows the whole picture and will use every circumstance for His glory really does help. Scripture, music, and deep breathing exercises also help. If the anxiety is mild enough, it helps to get involved in something else as distraction - whether it be work, a special project, or doing something to help someone else. Last but not least, listing all the thing I have to be thankful for also helps me to put the worries into perspective.

    Thank you for your post. It helps to know that there are others who share the same feelings. :)